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Incorrect fertilising your crops can be harmful to your health and reduce harvest quality and yields. Eager gardeners often over-apply fertilisers, manures and mulches which end up having a negative effect on the soil, stunting plant growth and creating toxic soil imbalances.

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Not growing your own food? That’s ok, you’ll still benefit from our soil testing service which will help you grow your garden free from pests and diseases. Balancing your soil will also help your plants thrive with less water and fertilisers.

When your soil is unbalanced from either having too much or too little of one or more nutrients your plants will suffer. Excess levels of some nutrients such as zinc, copper, magnesium and iron can build up in your soil where they are absorbed by your plants and passed on to you as toxic vegetables.

Our Urban Orchard and Veggie Patch services can help you set up your garden right the first time!

Nutrient deficiencies severely stunt plant growth and make your crops more susceptible to pests and diseases. Your patch can still produce good crops with imbalanced soil, but your crops will be lower in nutrients and less healthy for you than store-bought equivalents – unless your soil is completely balanced with all the trace elements and nutrients. Keep your family safe and maximise quality and yields in your backyard patch.

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