Hedging and Pruning

In our Australian climate, Hedges can provide great screening for privacy on your property and are adaptable plants.

Why choose a Hedge?

Hedges can provide

  • blocking from noise
  • boundary lines
  • a leafy green environment
  • a stately addition to your outdoor area

And generally & contributing to the enjoyment of your garden paradise. We love hedges because of topiary design (think Japanese Box) and some hedges can have flowers or useful berries, like a Lily Pily

The benefits of Pruning

Depending on the plant, hedges can be deciduous or evergreen – we can help establish hedge/s or maintain (if it requires care below ladder height).

  • Pruning encourages healthy plant growth
  • Pruning or ‘tipping’ should occur little and often for a bushy, dense hedge
  • Major pruning occurs Winter but we also need to look after Hedges (especially with flowers) during Summer and Spring

Need some Hedge help?

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