Weed Control and Lawn Pests

Soil life is often a casualty of weed killer compounds like Roundup (or glyphosate-based synthetics). But at Planted Passion,  we’ve got a plan for your weed-free garden and pest-busted lawn.

Why are we better at it?

At Mitch’s Gardening, we use several techniques to control weeds you reduce the chance that weed species will adapt to our control techniques.

Our long-term approach is an integrated weed management plan by reducing the extent of weeds and the weed seed stock in the soil.

We do this by prioritising the most economical and effective control, whilst including ecological and environmental considerations such as birds, beneficial bugs and children or pets.

Beneficial fungi and bacteria

Beneficial fungi and bacteria are often wiped out by weed control products. In fact, they are an important food source in the soil. Why? They produce carbohydrates through photosynthesis.

There is literally less food for the good bacteria. If a herbicide is used over a long period of time, weeds and pests can build up a resistance to the chemical.

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